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Belgium Electro with an attitude!

Implant, the project of LEN LEMEIRE and JAN D’HOOGHE, has been trying to contribute to the already massive inheritance of the Belgian electronic scene since 1992.

9 full length albums, 8 EP’s, uncountable remixes and several productions later, one can only agree that the music itself is the universal language. It was because of his music that Len and Jan teamed up with several of the early pioneers of electronic music.

When ANNE CLARK heard Implant’s remix for ‘Sleeper in Metropolis’, Implant became the electronic live band of ANNE CLARK for 5 years, resulting in guest contributions of Anne on 2 albums (‘Audio Blender’ and ‘Self Inflicted’).

When Jean-Luc de Meyer (FRONT 242) heard an implant track, he decided not only to contribute vocals for 1 track, but a full blown new project was born under the flag of 32CRASH.

Earning recognitions from a vast group of artists as a remixer, Implant did remixes for virtually every band in the spectrum of dark electronics. Amongst the projects that had the IMPLANT-remix-treatment are ANNE CLARK, NITZER EBB, MINISTRY, APOPTIGMA BERZERK, ICON OF COIL, THE NEON JUDGEMENT, SUICIDE COMMANDO, ARYA and many others.

Building on a live reputation with concerts all over Europe and a short visit to the USA, Canada, Israel and Russia, Implant will start promoting the new album to be released in 2017. You can expect the unexpected.

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