Batcave Live 26 August 2023



Dark electro band from D. Macabre, 2 full-time albums, 1 EP, 1 solo LP (Monaco X), EP “Timemachine” 2018, endless sampler contributions The band was born in 1992 with Merce on the Keys and Monaco on vocals. The first tape “Dorsetshire” was recorded in the D.Macabre Studios in Bayreuth. Songs: “Night Embers, Black Armies, Shadows and Synthesis”. Overnight you belonged to the “New German Artists of Death”. From there came a meteoric rise from Dorsetshire and almost overnight you were running up and down clubs everywhere. A limited tape (40 pieces!!) followed, on which “Herzschlag” and “Why me” could be found, followed by a live tape (Live in Landau) with “Intro, Bismarck, Blutiges Eis, Why Me, Erde Erdrunken, Zerfall Der Körper, Brothers & Sisters, Herschlag, Lady In Black, Schwarze Armeen and Glut der Nacht and for the very first time also the hit that the band was supposed to bring to the top and then did, the “STREET OF DAMN” (music Jogi, Text, Monaco) from then on there was no holding back, the labels were chasing the Dorsetshire and we decided with a heavy heart to leave D. Macabre and sign with Off Beat. Every scene mag reported about us, front pages were crowned, friendships were made with other bands that last to this day, etc. etc….. it would be a novel to write all of that down. Extensive tours in Belgium were started and we quickly gained cult status in Belgium. We toured across the country, from the very north to the very south, but it was always brilliant in Belgium! February 2017 Reactivation of the band with many new band members, for the first time with live drummer Flo Prantl, keyboards Bruno Kramm, Lea Golda and Patty on guitar. First gig after more than 20 years at the WGT 2017 as headliner in the Kohlrabicircus with many guest musicians like T. Lüdke – I. Spirit, Tim Vic – Nosferatu, Andy Koa – Stil Patient! September 2017 performance at the NCN also with the same cool guest musicians. July 2018 Performance at the legendary “Family Reunion” in Sandersleben. August 2018 Release of the EP Timemachine with 12 weeks of top positions in the DAC Charts From 2020 participation in many stream festivals, due to Corona. End of 2020 move to Bunker Studios Augsburg, working on new songs with new songwriter Cem (Oxic Inc.). Dorsetshire now consists of Monaco-Cem-Flo. 2022 working on new songs for a fulltime album. ………the story of the Dorsetshire never ends. Your Monaco.

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