27 August 2023 Mainstage

Genesis (classic)performed by former frontman Ray Wilson


RAY WILSON, ex singer of GENESIS, presents their greatest hits and best from his solo career.

Not only does 2018 herald 50 years since the birth of one of the world’s greatest Rock Bands, Genesis, but it also will be 50 years since the birth of one of the UK’s finest vocalists, Ray Wilson. Ray and his band will be performing songs dating all the way back to the early Genesis years, right up to the most recent recordings from the band and his own solo career. Ray’s show is well renowned for including some of the best songs from the World of Genesis, during which he also performs a few classics from the solo careers of Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford. In addition, his own unique career, both as a solo artists, and frontman of number 1 selling artists Stiltskin and Genesis, makes for an unrivalled evening of entertainment.

Multifarious song structures of the progressive rock era and hits of the 1970s to 1990s. That’s a new dimension of GENESIS, retaining the original character of the songs. Surety for this is the unique voice of RAY WILSON, who recorded the fourth best-selling GENESIS record „CALLING ALL STATIONS” in the history of the band.

20 years after the release of GENESIS’S last studio album ”CALLING ALL STA-TIONS”, RAY WILSON and his band will perform some of the best tracks from the album, including hit singles ”CONGO” and ”NOT ABOUT US” and some of the Live favourites like ”THE DIVIDING LINE”, with it’s Epic Drum Solo and Lead Guitar duel. His repertoire contains hits such as the title track ”CALLING ALL STATIONS”,

”NO SON OF MINE”, ”CARPET CRAWLERS”, ”MAMA“, “LAND OF CONFU-SION”, “SOLSBURY HILL”, “ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE” – as well as solo hits from Ray’s own solo career.

Mainstream-rock made GENESIS to one of the commercially most successful bands in the 80s and 90s. GENESIS sold more than 150 million records worldwide. In March 2010 GENESIS were admitted to the famous “Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame” for being one of the most important and influential bands.

2016 saw a great burst in creativity from Ray, resulting in two releases of original material. The first „SONG FOR A FRIEND“ is dedicated to Ray’s friend, James Lewis, who died in 2015. Inspired by the many intimate experiences from his acoustic storytelling concerts, Ray decided to write a collection of musical short stories. Follow-ing on from „SONG FOR A FRIEND“, he released his 6th studio album, „MAKES ME THINK OF HOME“ in the autumn. The album is a mix of Pop, Rock, and Pro-gressive with occasional subtle undertones of humour.
RAY WILSON, who is regarded as one of the finest singers of Great Britain by “Classic Rock Magazine”, is known for an awesome stage presence and inspiring concerts. GENESIS CLASSIC promises to be a special concert experience for every-one who appreciates good and solid live music.

RAY WILSON’S international career in music started off with the grunge sensation STILTSKIN in 1994 when his number one hit single “INSIDE” hit the roof of the UK charts. The song was broadcasted on television worldwide in an advert by “Levi’s”. In 1997 the Scotsman joined the British rock legend GENESIS and replaced Phil Collins as a singer. With the band’s fourth best-selling studio album ”CALLING ALL STA-TIONS” they went on a successful arena tour throughout Europe and North America.

After GENESIS’ split-up, RAY WILSON toured Germany with famous musicians such as “The Scorpions and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra” and the “Turntablerock-er”. Together with the “Scorpions” and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra he played the inaugural concert for the world exhibition EXPO in Hannover.

In 2003 RAY WILSON released his debut solo album ”CHANGE“ and promoted it on a Tour with Joe Jackson and the band SAGA on more than 50 shows in Germany. The song “YET ANOTHER DAY” from that album was produced in cooperation with the Dutch star DJ Armin van Buuren – the song easily hit number one of the dance charts. In the following years RAY WILSON went on European tours with Dolores O’Riordan, singer of CRANBERRIES, and SUPERTRAMP’s frontman Roger Hodgson. More recently Ray performed at the Royal Albert Hall with GENESIS legend, STEVE HACKETT.

RAY WILSON is known as a likeable extraordinary singer and made a name for himself as an excellent entertainer with a charismatic stage presence. With his typical Scottish calmness, he combines the energy of rock-music with complex lyrics.
Ray Wilson’s new Double Album “Upon My Life” covers the 20 years since Genesis, during which time Ray has co-written and recorded 9 studio albums, including Solo Work, Stiltskin and Cut The Double Album captures a wealth of memories and emo-tions from the Scottish singer’s unique and impressive career.

The album also includes 2 brand new tracks; “Come The End of The World” and “I Wait and I Pray”. Both songs inspired by the politically confused, ecologically chal-lenged, and polarised world we now live in.

The album will be released, purposely, to coincide with the day the UK leaves the EU.
Line-up 6 piece:

Ray Wilson – Vocals/Guitar | Steve Wilson – Vocals/Lead Guitar |Alicja Chrzaszcz- violin | Kool Lyczek – Keyboards | Marcin Kajper – Saxophone/Flute/Bass | Mario Koszel – Drums/Percussion

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