27 August 2023 Batcave Live

Lavvi Ebbel


Lavvi Ebbel was undoubtedly one of the most talked-about bands of Belgian new-wave around frontman Luckas Vander Taelen.

In the early 1980s, the group enjoyed great success with singles like “Give Me a Gun” and “Victoria”.

The eight-piece group had a solid live reputation thanks to their original sound.

Singer Luckas Vander Taelen, together with backing vocalist Kristien D’Haeger, provided a solid stage presence.

Lavvi Ebbel played “only” about 200 times in Belgium and the Netherlands, both in small clubs and at prestigious festivals such as Seaside.
On the compilation LP “Get Sprouts”, which was a true sample of the music of the period, Lavvi Ebbel performed “No Place To Go”, a highlight of the collaboration with producer Jean-Marie Aerts. The group ceased to exist in 1983, the year when just about all Belgian groups from that period broke up.

Now, thirty years later, Lavvi Ebbel is performing again, in the original line-up, stronger than ever. They are sometimes called “the Belgian Talking Heads” ….
In spring 2014, Starman Records released a compilation album featuring the biggest hits and live recordings from 1983 and 2013, and a splashy remix of ‘Victoria’ by Buscemi as dessert.

In 2018, a new single ” Wir Schaffen Das” was released for the first time after 30 years.

The band is currently still working on some new songs.

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