25 August 2023 Batcave Live

Pretty Addicted


‘Dance-Punk’ clown chaos, Pretty Addicted is a whirlwind of unmatched energy and raw aggression. Distinctive vocals, dark sounds & phat breakbeats, they really stand out of any crowd & yet somehow fit into any place and make it their own! 

Electronic music through a heavy lens, this is an artist who you have to both experience on CD for the emotions & live for the “in your face” attitude! It’s all down the blasphemous acid trip rabbit hole with PA and the lyrics are just as important and honest as the music itself.

With fans (or “Crackheads” as they’re lovingly known) from all walks of life, we suggest you follow them to an underground rave in Satan’s lair…

(for fans of: The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Combichrist)

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