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These are unprecedented times. Recently, the world has completely changed. Social life has, for the most part, been put on hold. In our life time there have never been public measures like this. Summer will soon be on the way and that means ‘festival season’. We have consulted with experts and talked with a lot of artists but to no avail. The National Security Council decided that all large gatherings are banned in Belgium until the 31st of August.

It will be a summer without W-fest and so, for now, no 5th anniversary. This is the only sensible . The news is overwhelming us, because between March and now – as you all know - we've worked out several plans to continue with W-fest anyway, first in May and then this summer. Always driven by the enthusiasm of the bands, crew, our staff and volunteers. We’ve considered alternative C, D and E plans...we did everything we possibly could.

Of course, we fully understand the reasons for the government’s decision. The health and safety of festival goers, artists, crew and volunteers will always be our top priority. Following the government’s guidelines. Taking responsibility. Caring for yourself and your loved ones. Stopping the virus. That's all that matters now. The festivals are taking a break. We’re preparing our move to August 2021. Because next year, we will be here again. To celebrate our 5 year anniversary in style!

And yet, our message today contains some good news! Because we will see each other in autumn nevertheless Because - in preparation of yesterday's news - we have been working behind the scenes on a number of autumn and winter initiatives, apart from W-fest. Initiatives that you will certainly enjoy!