40 years Koleire with Red Zebra, De Brassers and Definitivos!

40 years Koleire with Red Zebra, De Brassers and Definitivos!

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Keep the 17th of November free in your calendar... Koleire is back with Red Zebra, De Brassers and Dominitivos in De Casino in Sint-Nikaas!


1978 - the punk movement is rushing through the UK and heading towards Belgium. Four young lads from Bruges ensconsed themselves in a dark (living) room and came back out as Red Zebra. They attracted the attention of many because of their combination of social engagement and humorous approach in their music. They played the support act for The Cure in Ghent next to a both confident and insecure Robert Smith, when they themselves were just a beginning new-wave band. A year later, Red Zebra presented their song 'I Can't Live in a Living Room' during Humo's Rock Rally, where they made it to the finals. After that, Red Zebra was invited to play as support act for The Sound, The Undertones, Killing Joke, Simple Minds and Sisters of Mercy. Some turbulent years followed... until the original members reconciled in 2017. Get ready for 40 years "Koleire"!

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