Beds are burning at W-Fest!

Beds are burning at W-Fest!

Ever wanted to experience a festival first row from the comfort of your own bed? You can do it at W-Fest, in one of the four luxury beds, accomodated with a nice drink, served to you by Brewery Debrabandere...

Thanks to Spiers Slaap & Wonderland Beds this is not just a dream but reality. This reality stands for the ultimate 'bedroom-experience'. Enjoy the brilliant live music, from the calmth and comfort of your lazy bed, yet still in the midst of the bustling festivities. 'The bedroom' will also be decorated by Vantyghem 'fashionable flooring', for an even more comfortable and luxurious setting.

The Bedroomexperience by Spiers & decorated by Vantyghem will be an experience to never forget. As a memory, we will send you a photo of your comfy-yet-in-full-party-mode moment.

Spiers & Wonderland Beds doesn't stop there. One of the Bedroomexperience guests will get 'his/her bed' (worth €3500!) delivered at home! Most dreams don't come true, except for those at W-Fest!

Visit the Bedroomexperience stand at the festival and plan your 30 minutes of rest, without missing any of your favorite music...

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