Wool-E Shop & Who Cares present: Porta Wool-E - A 10 Years Wool-E Shop Celebration

Wool-E Shop & Who Cares present: Porta Wool-E - A 10 Years Wool-E Shop Celebration

Buy your tickets for the concerts of Der Klinke, A Slice of Life, Dead High Wire and Hatchling here!

Der Klinke will also be playing for us this year at W-Fest, on the 15th of August in our Wave Cave.


Der Klinke
From their very beginning in 2009 Der Klinke have created a sound of their own, a sound that has become more developed, professional and mature now. In 2017 this resulted in “The Unexpected”. They consider it their “Pornography”, “Unknown Pleasures”, or “Catastrophe Ballet”. Nevertheless it is one of the most surprising albums of the last decade in the wave and gothic scene... which is quite unexpected! 2019 marks their 10 years anniversary, so once again, expect the unexpected.

A Slice Of Life
A Slice Of Life a Belgian post-punk band formed in 2016. Their sound has a dark melancholic feel with an unmistakable alternative rock twist. The vocals bring reminiscences of the great darker voices of Robert Smith, Andrew Eldritch and even David Bowie. A demo EP was released in 2017 and quickly grabbed the attention of several radio shows in Belgium and abroad.
“Restless” is the band’s first full album and is released in august 2018 on Wool-E Discs.

Dead High Wire
Dead High Wire is a three-piece post punk outfit working its way through the underground. Expect punchy 80s drums and edgy cold-wavy riffs from the two guitarists alternately playing the chorus-drenched bass. They have been kicking stages in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK since 2015 with the current members. Pray For Us, released on Sept 1st, is the lead single of the eponymous debut album out on Wool-E Discs and Wagonmaniac Music on 27 Oktober 2018. The trio shoots from the hip: "Wasting all those years, facing all those fears, wasting all my time, convicting all these crimes".

Synthpunk threesome with a reputation for scorching, energetic (and borderline insane) live performances and a love for catchy, adrenaline-fueled pop, harsh synths and a tongue-in- cheek attitude. Hatchling proves you don’t need guitars to tear the place down.
Alpha EP with Holly as a bonustrack is out now:

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