Pink Turns Blue back on the shelves with two remastered albums!

Pink Turns Blue back on the shelves with two remastered albums!

Founded in Cologne, Germany in 1985, Pink Turns Blue’s blend of atmospheric pop informed by European post-punk contemporaries and buzzing punk dissonance of Hüsker Dü (the band is named after the Zen Arcade song) immediately tapped into a new canon of sound that was foundational to the emergence of darkwave.

They will release their remastered LP's on the 9th of August, which leaves you just enough time to relive their earliest albums before they play on W-Festival.

Released in 1987 and now remastered by Josh Bonati for vinyl release through Dais, If Two Worlds Kiss is a seminal offering to the canon of dark wave’s DNA - a liquid lesson in melody, mood, and pacing - each track continuously adding to the journey like a unique push pin on a map of melancholy. But that's not all... Remastered and returned to its original vinyl format for the first time since 1988, Meta flexes the songwriting muscle and spirit of the band’s second iteration, informed by an entirely different set of circumstance and vocabulary. Most importantly, the album’s nine tracks evolved the band’s sound and undeniable imprint on darkwave, shaping its very vocabulary and sonic identity past Europe and into fans looking below the surface for melody and meaning.

Limited vinyl edition is repackaged from the original art assets, in 24 pt reverse board jackets with inner euro sleeves with lyrics. If Two Worlds Kiss includes bonus track not included on original vinyl release “A Moment Sometimes”.


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If Two Worlds Kiss

In honour of their release, they will tour around in Europe, the US and Canada. But first... They will pay us a visit in Waregem!
Check their other tour dates here.

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