Goody goody … lots of goodies…

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Goody goody … lots of goodies…

Our W-Festers are widely recognized!

Treat yourself with a free W-Fest cap or shirt when buying your full weekend ticket (Limited Edition!) at the Wfest2018 Announcement Party - 31st of October.
Don’t miss out! We hate to say we told you so :-)

Artist interviews by Luminous Dash

  • Antipole

    Antipole In december 2017 Karl Morten Dahl  from Antipole released the debute-cd Northern Flux (Unknown Pleasure Records). For this album he…
  • Dole

  • Shriekback

    Shriekback On Sunday the 19th of august, you can see them at 6.20 pm on the Synth Scene on W-fest, the…
  • Chameleons Vox

    Chameleons Vox
  • Altered Images

    Altered Images