Just can’t get enough?

Just can’t get enough?

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Are you hungry for more WFest news? Become a WFan and enjoy lots of benefits to make your WFest adventure even more beautiful ...

Our WFan tickets are now available through the ticket link and can be exchanged during the festival (at the merchandise stand) for a unique WFan T-shirt, access to your own locker & 2 CDs from our Wcollection (new wave, EBM, ...). Even more so, for every festival day (16-19 August) you will receive an F&B voucher worth 5 €. Join our WFanclub and experience the Wfestival like no other!

And last but not least, überfans from BAUHAUS get the opportunity to meet Peter Murphy! Check out the Meet&Greet Murphy ticket.


Leire's top 3
  1. Much are they jah wobble
  2. A forest the cure
  3. New gold dream Simple minds


cyber mutant's top 3
  1. Matter over Mind (A.I. Zero)
  2. Follow (A.I. Zero)
  3. Little Dark Age (MGMT)


Sven Hein's top 3
  1. Alice (Sisters of Mercy)
  2. IO (Project Pitchfork)
  3. San Diego (Eternal Afflict)

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