W-Festival - ‘Industrial Accident’ The story of Wax Trax ! Records on screen, EXCLUSIVELY during W-Festival!
‘Industrial Accident’ The story of Wax Trax ! Records on screen, EXCLUSIVELY during W-Festival!

‘Industrial Accident’ The story of Wax Trax ! Records on screen, EXCLUSIVELY during W-Festival!

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From a tiny vinyl collector’s shop in Denver Colorado to a legendary independent retail store and label in Chicago, named Wax Trax! Records. With an huge dose of DIY mentality, Jim Nash and Dannie Flesher succeeded in ‘accidentally’ changing music along the way.

This dynamic couple opened its store in Chicago in 1978 and the label released its first recording in 1980. Music fans and collectors felt like a kid in a candy store there and many artists such as Bauhaus, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Foo Fighters, … were influenced by, or getting their start from Wax Trax! Records.

Jim and Dannie were always pushing the envelope. What would they get away with? Aiming to reach a large audience with another kind of music and without any concessions. A new genre, known as ‘Industrial’ was born. A fine cohesion of new wave, punk rock and industrial music scenes. Their great success did not go unnoticed. After a while some major record companies followed their example, a downward spiral that almost buried the story of Wax Trax! forever.

Julia Nash, daughter of co-founder Jim Nash, brings the story back to life with an out of the ordinary documentary. Which is an honour to her father’s work, a throwback to the 80ties underground music and a look inside the influential label and record store.

The documentary (94 min) will be screened daily during W-Festival (from the 16th till the 19th of August) at 10:30am. A priceless experience on the festival grounds in Amougies and a trip down memory lane for those raised with heaps of vinyl.

And just to have you all longing for more, here is a small sneak preview: https://vimeo.com/205830918

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  1. depeche mode question of time
  2. simple minds alive and kiking
  3. frankie goes to hoolywood relax

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