W-Festival - Softwave


  • Time: 18:15-18:45
  • Stage: Camping

SoftWave, a Danish upcoming synthpop duo inspired by Erasure. Softwave was established back in 2014 by the synth-specialist, Jerry Olsen and singer, Catrine Christensen. The duo is unsigned and uses DIY methods with great help from supporters around the World. Together they create a great combination of Jerry’s catchy melodic synth sounds, and the emotional expression of the adorable singer and songwriter, Catrine. Nice and easy the band follows the “waves” of progress in the music industry and for each wave they pass they reach new heights.

More about Softwave!

Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/988522371165100/posts/2138533942830598/

Direct link to interview: https://wp.me/p9ewew-xj

Special Wave Camping Opening Party