The Danse Society currently celebrate 40 years anniversary with the newest album Sailing Mirrors and EU and UK dates in planning.

The band are a post punk (the precursory term for Gothic rock ) group originally founded in Barsnley, England in 1980 by Steve Rawlings (voice), Paul Nash (guitar), Lyndon Scarfe (keyboards, later replaced by David Whitaker), Tim Wright (bass) and Paul Gilmartin (drums).

The discography includes their first 7" single, "Clock," their most well known album, Heaven is Waiting, (featuring a cover of The Rolling Stones song, "2000 light years from home"), "Say it Again' and "Hold On". In 1986 after releasing their final album as Danse Society International, Looking Through, the band split from Rawlings and the other band members left to form Johnny In The Clouds then ceased business.

At the end of 2009, Former members Paul Nash, Paul Gilmartin and David Whitaker met up 24 years later and reformed the band with the initial agreement of Steve Rawlings also re-joining the band. Over the next 9 months instrumental tracks were recorded but the band lost contact with Steve.

In January 2011 founder of Blooding Mask vocalist Maethelyiah joined the band and recorded vocals on all 13 tracks and the official news was revealed in May 2011. Since then the band released Change of Skin and Scarey Tales. After Paul Gilmartin's departure in January 2014 and David Whitaker leaving in November 2014, the band released a new AA single If I were Jesus/Sound of Silence (dark cover of Paul Simon's masterpiece) acclaimed as the best the band ever sounded by BBC6 Radio, "VI", EP FUTUR1ST and Sailing Mirrors during 2020 lockdown.

Past Live shows include Futurama, John Peel sessions, Leipzig at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany, London's Slimelight, headlined the Spiderweb's Festival in Bristol and Bomfest in Barnsley, International SCI-FI Festival, Whitby Goth Weekend, Headlands, Black Rose, Yorkshire Coast Festival and Headlands in the UK, Lumous Festival in Finland, Porta Nigra in Belgium, toured in Portugal and in Netherlands and is due to restart at Sinner’s Day Special in Belgium, while full UK and European tour dates are being planned.