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Parade Ground

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Hello, the band was formed in 1981. This means you were involved in 4 decades of music. What’s the difference between then and now?
Jean-Marc : We’re still sincere and the melodies remain more important than the instruments they’re played on. I don’t think we’ve changed . My voice hasn’t changed that much .We’re purely and humbly Parade Ground …
Pierre : Personally , not much . We still are very curious of everything , in research , in passion. But the world has changed enourmously . Now everyone is an artist . Everyone wants to be known , to be a star … I find the world very sensible , virtual , annoying and passionless …

Parade Ground surely put its stamp on the electronic scene. A very original sound. In all honesty, do you think you got the recognition you think you deserve?
Jean-Marc :  Well , honestly , we don’t know !Being able to offer as much pleasure as we got in 79 with some post-punk bands is still our aim . And , from what we hear , we reach it !
Pierre:  I don’t think we are at all ! We are not recognized in the least … We have the impression of being transparent and despised , and we know we never will be recognized .Many people or artist tell us having been inspired by us , being fans , but never publically , of course .

In all honesty I never heard a band who sounded like Parade Ground. I guess that’s a very good reference, not?
Jean-Marc: Yes , sure ! I really think we’ve got something original to offer . That’s the main reason why we’ve still playing live.
Pierre : Oh yes , thank you Didier ! Jean-Marc’s voice has enebled us to be singular very quickly .We’ve always created and composed together . As soon as we walked !Is tragedy the only desire ?

In fact where does your inspiration came from?
Jean-Marc : We’ve been more influenced by art like Dadaism or the french cinema from before the second world war than by the music . We loved the music from the late 70’s .
Pierre : Any form of art , of deviance inspire us. Beauty , sufferings , and this alchemy between us both . Our psychiatric experiences too … One must lose the head … Lose the mouth … Lose the dreams … Lose oneself … One must keep the pain of everything . We’ll start the stars again .

Since your comeback you did everything on your own. No label or management. Is this better you think?
Jean-Marc : Yes and no . At least , we’re sure that what we do is 100% Parade Ground .
Pierre : We’d like to put in evidence the tremendous work of Béa Leblanc as a manager … It’s Don Quichotte against the wind-mills . But it’s true that we do work as craftmen , to the trust , and we have collaborated with fantastic labels, incredible people , very sincere , motivated and enthusiastic :
Sleep Walking Rec , Stephane Werquin
Dark Entries Records , Josh Cheon
Daft Records , Dirk Ivens
Other Voices Rec , Oleg Galay
VUZ Records , Holger Hanraths

There is a difference between Parade Ground on record and on stage. On stage it’s quite intense, is it like the outlet of your inner demons?
Jean-Marc : Rather of the inner guardian angels! The stage is a very mystical thing for us. I believe we’re intense on record , too ! But differently , yes .
Pierre :  Yes , it’s there that everything happens . We live for that only. We always play as if it were for the last time.

Talking about records. The question every fan is waiting for: is there any chance for a new record?
Jean-Marc : Yes , there is , actually. We’re working on it , 15 tracks are ready , already recorded. But we want Patrick Codenys to produce it and he’s difficult to catch . We need to spread the net !
Pierre :  We’ve just released an album . ‘Sanctuary’ . The spare tracks from ‘Rosary’. It is an important album for us .We shall release live recordings this year . A record that was released on CD-R only : ‘Live collection 1982-84′ and a recent concert. I don’t think we’ve ever been as good live as we are now .

Do you follow the current music scene?Which bands are interesting you think?
Pierre : Yes , that interesting for us . It intrigates us always to discover our supporting acts or the other bands in festivals .
There are many interesting Italian bands but alsorecent bands like :
Alles – Hermetric Electric – The Juggernauts – Velvet Coat – The Wheal – Alvar – Elm – Terminal Front – Zephiro-
Bleib Modern – She Pleasures himself – Caron Dimonio – Whispering sons – Popsimonova – Sexy Suicide –
An Orange Car Crashed – AVGVST – Factheory – Chemical sweet kid – Odio sis – Mecano Lacrymo – Story Off –
Nine Seconds – Bathead – Chroma Carbon – Zweite Jugend – Seventeen at this time – Hapax – The Secretaries –
Hante – Akalotz – Dear Deer – Urzon – Nao Katafuchi – Zanias – ASO – Ash Code – Plomb
To us , Dive and , of course , Front 242 are the most important band of the scene .
We’d like to quote someone that’s so important for the coming bands , as well as the others : Wool-E shop ,
Dimitri Idunno , someone that’s always extraordinary with enthusiasm and truth .

Belgium always had been the cradle of music that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else. That is now, and also when you guys started. Do you have an explanation for that?
Jean-Marc : John Mac Geoch and Colin Newman come on this side of the world and didn’t seen too repelled .
Front 242 fitted everywhere . It’s a matter of who you meet at the right moment .
Pierre : That is not true for music only but for all form of art. Music is less and less on a physical support . There are no traces left. Music has become a myth. Belgium does not exist . And so the world .

In fact, I think I never asked you this one: what does music mean in your life?
Jean-Marc : It means everything . We’re really devoted to what we do . We don’t want to cheat with the people that love us . We owe them our truth . We still have the despair to hope .

What’s your favorite record of all time and why?
Jean-Marc : 154 by Wire . Because it is incredibly intense and sincere .Intemporal , also .
Pierre :  It’s an impossible question … It could be albums from : Joy Division , Fad Gadget , Siouxsie , Bowie , PIL , Buzzcocks , Kraftwerk , Dome , Magazine , Wire , DAF , Parade Ground , Sparks , Alice Cooper , Deep Purple , Slade …
I would say : ‘Always Now’ from Section 25 for the music , the sleeve, but also the production.

With who wouldn’t you mind to be alone in an elevator and what would you do then?
Jean- Marc :Jesus-Christ . We would talk about the end of the world .
Pierre : With Antonin Artaud .We’d talk about the cruelty of living while making the lift fall …

I guess not everyone knows who Parade Ground is. Their loss, but for those who want to explore new fields: how would you introduce the band?
Pierre :A band with an original singer’s voice , catchy melodies and a tsunami on stage .
Jean-Marc : One doesn’t ask a corpse what it is doing in it’s coffin .A visceral and sincere band.

Some questions about W-Fest. Which three acts do you want to see absolutely yourself?
Jean-Marc : I think we will concentrate on our concert first . We need recollection and the people need to enjoy us .
Pierre : The strengh of this festival is that all bands are interesting to see for one or another reason.It’s really organized with maëstria and style .

What do you prefer: beer or ice cream?
Jean-Marc : We don’t drink or eat on the day of a concert . It’s , again , a mystical approach to it.
Pierre :Beard on ice cream. Only spiritual food interest us .

Tell us your most crazy festival experience!
Pierre: It was a festival in France. It had rained so much that the audience had to stay in thirty centimeters of water … There still were waves of water coming to us while we were playing .

Why should people attend Parade Ground?
Jean-Marc : I reckon , because it’s the show of the absolute with our skin on the table .
Pierre :  We’ll give everything as always . Through our presence , we won’t belong to music anymore .

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