W-Fest Tickets

  •  €70 W-festival Day Ticket
  • €130 W-festival 2-Day Ticket
  • €220 W-festival Full Festival Ticket
  • €280 W-festival + Sinner's Day Special 5-Day Ticket (coming soon!)



W-Fest Special tickets

Collector ticket

° A full festival ticket 26/08-29/08 (value €220)
° A limited edition collector ticket in framework
° A limited edition collector T-shirt

Only 300 limited edition tickets and T-shirts will be available for the first post-corona 80’s festival!

Items will be send to your home, for free! 


KW (Krant van West-Vlaanderen) ticket

° A standard ticket (value 70 €)
° VIP parking
° VIP entrance
° Access to the KW lounge with KW bar exclusively for the buyers of a KW ticket
° Free welcome drink
° Happy hour with 2 extra vouchers (to be used in the KW bar or any other bar on the festival site)
° A KW goodie bag
° Access to the VIP toilets on the festival site

€85,00 / day

€265,00 / 4-days

KW (Krant van West-Vlaanderen) limited ticket

° KW ticket without VIP parking



W-Fest VIP Tickets

  • €250 VIP W-festival Day Ticket
  • €900 VIP W-festival Full Festival Ticket


VIP Parking
VIP Entrance
VIP Toilets
Premium view on stage
Open bar in VIP area
 - offered drinks: Wines, Beers, W-fest cocktail, bubbles, waters and soda’s
Open 5-course buffet running from 12h to 22h

Ostend Sparkling Lounge

To network, as a gift for your customers, as a gift for your suppliers or as a bonus to your entire staff!

For just €149 pp/day you get:

  • Entrance to the festival from ‘doors open’
  • Access to the exclusive Ostend Sparkling Lounge
  • Lounge at your reserved table (table of 6 or 10)
  • An open bar with bubbles, soft drinks, wines and beers as much as you like! Includes the only true W-festival (virgin) Mojito cocktail
  • Access to the VIP parking, VIP entrance and VIP toilets

Limited to 250 places and only available for companies from the Ostend region.

If you would like to be part of the Ostend Sparkling Lounge, please register here.


W-festival Parking / F&B Tickets

  • €5 W-festival Parking Ticket
  • €20 W-festival 4 days Parking Ticket


  •  €100 W-festival Food & Drink voucher €100 + €11 extra value
  • €200 W-festival Food & Drink voucher €200 + €25 extra value
  • €300 W-festival Food & Drink voucher €300 + €45 extra value



Camping Tickets

  •  €15 W-festival Tent Camping 1 night per person
  • €50 W-festival Tent Camping 5 nights per person


  • €20 W-festival Camper/Caravan 1 night per person
  • €75 W-festival Camper/Caravan 5 nights per person


  •  €275 W-festival B & B Glamping Lodge for 2 people, 5 nights


B & B Glamping Lodge
Limited to 64 lodges. 
A 2 person Glamping Lodge with heating,
lighting, electricity and comfortable beds with linnen.
Access from 25/08 08h00 - 30/08 10h00


Sinner's Day Special Tickets

  •  €70 Sinner's Day Special Ticket
  • €85 Sinner's Day Special FAN Ticket
  • €250 Sinner's Day Special VIP Ticket


FAN Ticket
Sinner's Day Special T-shirt
Access to the VIP Parking
Entrance via VIP entrance
Frontstage places

VIP Ticket
Advantages FAN Ticket
Premium sight on stage from VIP tribunes
Open bar in the VIP area




Special dishes menu

Reservation via the ticketshop. If you've made a reservation, you'll receive an e-mail on Monday August 23th to make your choice of special dish.

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