A short introduction

W-festival was born out of love and passion for the music of the 80s. With the aim of uniting fans of the genre. To let them experience an event that makes them dream of their youth. The W-Festival team started this adventure 5 years ago, inexperienced but full of enthusiasm. After a first magical edition on a meadow in Wortegem, via the historical fields of Amougies, to the urban Waregem. At each location, our team has learned, developed and matured in 'organizing'. Our path has not always been a straight line and we are very proud that our esteemed W-fest fans have continued to support us.

Our future

Today, we are counting on that support again, more than ever. Corona has been a disaster for the whole sector and has exposed its weaknesses. A wonderful experience and brilliant line-up are no longer enough. More than ever, we must put your safety first.

Without knowing the end date of the Corona virus, our team has made decisions time and time again with an optimistic mindset. Today, we realise that waiting for the virus to go away is not a good strategy. We need to think far-sightedly. That is why we have to make a final necessary change. W-festival is moving for the very last time, because our final destination has been reached: spacious Ostend. On the beach, on the festival site 'HET KLEIN STRAND'. Space to breathe, space to grow and above all space to organize Covid-safe. With the North Sea in the background...

To make this work, the festival also had to postpone the festival date by 2 weekends, from 26 to 29 August.

Write it down for many years to come: you will find us in Ostend from 2021 onwards, every year in August !

The full line-up will come with us, with the exception of Kid Creole. They will be replaced in January by a band, chosen by the listeners of Joe! The selection menu includes Queen Symphonic, En Vogue and T'Pau. One iconic bands has been added as grand finale on the last day of W-festival: THE JACKSONS!

Sinner's Day, the new offspring of the family

Since this year Sinner's Day is part of the W-festival family. This historic New Wave festival takes over the 'black' part of W-festival. Even more extensive, the real 'New Wave' experience. We welcome you in Sint-Truiden at the old air base of Brustem. Brustem will be immersed for 3 days in the PUNK-ROCK atmosphere of yesteryear, from 30/10/2021 to 01/11/2021. And Sinner's Day gets one extra day, because on 25/08/2021, on the beach of Ostend, the Sinner's Day Special will be organised. Including the one-off and exclusive reunion of the epic band THE NEON JUDGEMENT, with in their footsteps the equally epic F242. And this news is hot off the heels: DIE KRUPPS will also celebrate their 40th anniversary that day and will therefore be present. Followed by Linea Aspera, The Young Gods and a host of other top artists.

You, our visitor with a ticket

The Corona crisis has not only affected the organizers, the global pandemic has brought the economy to a standstill and has left no one untouched. What your ticket is worth, what you are entitled to and what the W-Festival wants to do for you, you can find out via the scheme below. You , our future visitor Support our sector, support W-fest and Sinner's Day and secure yourself a place at one of our festivals. So buy your ticket now via our webshops !

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