26 Août 2023 DJ Timetable

DJ Red Alert & The Black Widow


Red Alert roams the dark scene since the mid90s. This ginger from Gent is a walking music encyclopedia and she travels around Europe to explore new bands. She’s relatively new into dj’ing but she already proved her worth during the live sets she did.

The Black Widow dances her way through the scene since the late 80s/begin 90s. In the late 90s she organized the XXX-parties in Leuven where she was behind the turn tables, spinning her first dark tunes with some befriended dj’s. After a long break, she decided to start spinning some tunes again. 

Red Alert and The Black Widow recently decided to become a dj duo. W-Fest will be their debut as a duo. These ladies will spin you around, expect the unexpected!

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