25 Août 2023 Batcave Live



Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam, two angry survivors of the physical and mental violence rising daily on the streets of Mexico
City, emerged in 1993 as Hocico, a hard-electro act that lashes out against the deteriorating human spirit with compassion and
rage. This project of two cousins has been active on the underground scene ever since, constantly exploring new musical

Hocico creates dark and aggressive sounds: nightmarish atmospheres, classical landscapes, and driving beats charged
with adrenaline and fury. They channel the violence, isolation, and social misconduct of Mexico City into their music to exhibit what
society has wronged – letting the music speak for itself. Their artistic expression is mainly focused on aggressive and violent
aspects of human nature, with lyrics being equally as powerful as their sound.

Los Hijos del Inferno have been active for about 30 years in the underground scene, during this time they have been touring
around the globe, evolving into a headliner band on huge festivals, and has eventually become one of the most influential bands on
the electro-industrial scene and the harder side of electronic music. Their live performance can be described as pure adrenalin
and energy which the duo transmits to the audience.

Hocico’s trademark talent creates memorable melodies and a highly creative sound design to get a club-compatible hell ride
with addictive qualities. Erk and Racso persistently push themselves to be drivers and innovators in the worldwide dark
and industrial scene. Erk has a side project called Rabia Sorda and Racso has a solo project called Dulce Liquido.

Hocico has stablished as one of the most active bands in the underground music scene, both live and in the studio. To date,

they have released 10 albums, several live records and DVDs,
countless EP’s, singles and the story continues…

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