26 Août 2023 Batcave Live

Soror Dolorosa


Soror Dolorosa is a Post Punk / Cold Wave band from France, running the european undergroud scene since 2007. Mostly influenced by the absolute feeling to create cathratic and abrasive songs, they released 1ep « Severance 2009 » and 3 albums « Blind Scenes
2011 » « No More Heroes, 2013 » « Apollo, 2017 » so far, under the flag of the legendary german label Prophecy Productions. Today, they mark the begining of a new chapter in the band’s lifeline, in composing a NEW album and producing a new EP in re recording 6 tracks
of the previous releases with a brand new chain of sound and a revised lineup. You can expect for a most intensive era, pushed by a radical drum machine and always much more smoke to spread a colder an evermore ethereal new-wave vibe to ruin souls on the
dance floor under the silver moon !

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