25 augustus 2023 Batcave Live

Velvet Mist


A collage of 80’s Goth rock, new wave and electronic music with a solid drum machine. Dark, melancholic guitars and synths with a strong 80’s Goth rock and new wave vibe. Music that drags you into a dense and dark mist. But as comforting as a velvet blanket to your melancholic soul. Meet VELVET MIST!

Velvet Mist is a Belgian New Wave / Goth Rock band that emerged late 2020 from a collective quest by Jonathan Verstrepen and Anton Mergaerts to find a melancholic sound.

Inspired by the dark sound from the 80s, notably by legendary groups like ‘Sisters of Mercy’, ‘The Cure’ and ‘The Cult’ they achieve a dark but danceable atmosphere with a contemporary and fresh approach.

Their first EP ‘Visitation’ takes you along on a Goth Rock/New Wave vibe with their cold synth melodies rhythmic drums and deep vocals. Which results in brutally effective melancholy.

Lyrically inspired by dark thoughts and tender touches. Twists of mind, feelings and moments we all experience from time to time, yet so few dare to expose them for the world to see.”

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