Everyone knows their name and they are now being enjoyed by the new generation. Everyone also knows at least one of their songs so now meet Boney M featuring Liz Mitchell! Get ready to dance along to songs as ‘Daddy Cool’, ‘Rasputin’, ‘Sunny’ and many more!

Boney M as we all know them from the late seventies and early eighties had 4 members in stage: Liz Mitchell, Marcia Barrett, Maizie Williams and Bobby Farrell. 5th member was their producer Frank Farian who did the male vocals. Female vocals were by Liz Mitchell and Marcia Barrett. Maizie Williams and Bobby Farrell never sang in the records. Frank Farian passed away recently, Bobby Farrell already years ago. W-Festival 2024 will be hosting Boney M and the one and only real lead singer: Liz Mitchell

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