With iconic chart topping smash hits SAFETY DANCE & POP GOES THE WORLD – as well as legions of devoted fans around the globe MEN WITHOUT HATS are hitting the road again!!

In support 2 new albums released in the last 3 years there’s a lot get up and Safety Dance about!!

Coming off of an amazing summer festival season, to say the band has “hit their stride” would be the understatement of the year!!
The professionalism, musicality and camaraderie of the group is unmatched. The enthusiasm, energy and excitement Men Without Hats brings to the stage is overwhelming! “Incredible,” Brilliant” and “Kick Ass” are terms being heard by audiences and
promoters alike.

The current line up of Ivan Doroschuk (vocals), Sahara Doroschuk – Sloan (keyboards + Vocals), Sho Murray (Guitar) and veteran drummer Adrian White is a line up for the ages!

They BRING IT ALL and they leave it ALL on the stage!
This show has more fun and dancing than your first high school party!!
MEN WITHOUT HATS will put smile on your face and some sweat on your brow!! Please remember to DANCE SAFELY!!

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