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W-FEST Fan: Book your exclusive early bird ticket now!

Listen to the W-festival 2021 teaser and discover which artists will conquer the W-fest stage in 2021! LIMITED number of early bird tickets for sale at exceptional prices, only for W fans and until 01.09.2020 !

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Already a ticket holder of W-festival 2020? From 01/10/2020 you can exchange your tickets. Keep an eye on our website!

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Where did W-Day go to? And what about my ticket?

Due to the strict Corona measures, W-Day, scheduled for 4 September 2020, will also be cancelled. This light version of W-Fest, with some great names like OMD, Blancmange, Kissing the Pink, Tiny Magnetic Pets and Such Beautiful Flowers will not just go up in smoke, but will be included in W-Fest itself, from 12 to 15 August 2021. Through the teaser you can already enjoy the top bands that will make their appearance in 2021. Anne Clark's concert had already been postponed for health reasons. Combi (W-day & Anne Clark) ticket holders and W-Day ticket holders can exchange their ticket(s) as from 01/10. So keep an eye on the website!