Get airborn during the festival

Get airborn during the festival

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Buy your weekend ticket between jan 28th and feb 28th and win one of the 5 flights with a VL3 - taking off from the Airport Amougies during the festival. Some friendly advise : don't forget your camera and hold of the booz the hours before!

Breaking News!

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Dear W festers,

Entrepreneurs know this all too well. Managing an event is not simple. You are dealing with people and a lot of worries. And the same applies for the festival organizer.

Last Friday we heard that The Human League can only play on Saturday, the 19th of August - and not on the 20th. Luckily Front 242 could make it on Sunday and so the two headliners made a switch. And also luckily, most booked tickets so far are weekend tickets. What’s really important for us now, is to organize the switch for the day tickets as smooth as possible. And this is how we will do that. Each customer with a day ticket can expect a call from Veerle this week between 18h and 21h. She will consult with everyone how you can all enjoy your favourite bands!

That this is force majeure, that it is clear. We had planned our week differently, but by Friday we want this all sorted out for you!

We conclude this breaking news with a positive message for the early bird campers. Those who already get there on Thursday night, will be spoiled with an exclusive performance by Fiji from Switzerland and for the first time in our country, and Implant – a shooting star from Belgium! Start is foreseen at 22h, so no rush.

If you still have questions after this week, this is the number of the hotline: 0486 131313.

See you soon!

4de New-Wave party Aaigem (Erpe-Mere) op zaterdag 1 april 2017 tvv Kom op tegen Kanker

4de New-Wave party Aaigem (Erpe-Mere) op zaterdag 1 april 2017 tvv Kom op tegen Kanker

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Only the best New-Wave/80s/Synth-Pop & some rare party-stuff with DJ’s Zanni & Maxalto

Dresscode : Black ! Special New-Wave Action Painting Show & demo stand W-Festival

Zaal Torengalm – Aaigemdorp 94 (rechtover de kerk) vanaf 22u

Toegangsprijs : 10 € incl. 1 gratis consumatie & steun aan Kom op tegen Kanker

More info : www.newwaveparty.be of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Experience the W-Festival in the front row? Become a fan and you can!

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Are you a fan of just about all groups that will give the best of themselves on the 4-day high mass of the new wave and electronic pop? Want to enjoy numerous benefits that make the W-fest experience even better and you cannot choose who you'd want to meet up close? Well, you won’t have to, since we offer all these "über fans' the possibility to get a W-Fest fan card!

Become a member of the W-fest community, get the best out of the festival !

W-Fest fans enjoy the following extras :

  • Special T Shirt with the line up of 2018;
  • Fans get a 10% reduction on all consumptions = per 10 tokens, one token for free;
  • Enjoy your free locker;
  • Get your goody bag at the Fan-stand.

Want to become a fan ?

Pay the 50 € contribution on BE61001779447317 and enjoy all the benefits we have in store for you ! Please mention your contactdetails (including your e-mail address) and t-shirt size in the comment field.

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