In the 15 years of their existence, DER KLINKE, has become an established name in the darkwave scene. Most of you will know their überclassic “The Doll” but the fans know they have many classics such as Las Fabricas, Curtains, Someone Who Smiles, Our Dance in Darkness, Facts of Life, Who To Deny, Still Alone, …. to name but a few. Formed in Ostend in 2009 by Chesko who also was the keyboardplayer for The Bollock Brothers for quiet some time and with great musicians such as Sam Claeys from Red Zebra they know who to turn every concert into a party, often described as being one of the best live bands in the scene, a feast for fans of bands such as Sisters of Mercy, Front 242, Joy Division, Editors, Fad Gadget as their sound is a unique mix of all of these. In 2023 they’ve released their highly acclaimed sixth album “Facing Fate” , continuing their journey to the top.

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