Jenny Berggren from Ace of Base


Singer and songwriter Jenny Berggren is a Swedish mezzo-soprano who is well known as the lead singer in band Ace of Base.

Berggren grew up taking music lessons, and formed band Tech Noir with her siblings. The band eventually renamed themselves Ace of Base, and the band were later signed on a record deal with Mega Records. Berggren composed much of the band’s music for many of their albums, and provided vocals on several tracks too. Over the next few years, she began to work on solo material as well as performing at shows around the world, and in 2009 she released her autobiography called To Win The World. The first run of the book sold out in her native Sweden, and a second run was produced. Berggren then began to release her solo music, such as singles Free Me and Here I Am. The tracks performed well in the charts, with Here I Am reaching number 14 in Sweden. Her first solo album came out in 2010, called My Story and the following year she reached the finals of Denmark’s Eurovision Song Contest competition, competing to be Denmark’s representative at the 2011 version of the show.

In recent years, Berggren has spent her time organising Christian concerts and volunteering with numerous charities. She has also made an appearance on reality TV show Så Mycket Bättre, and continues to write and perform her music.

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