Discover the first names for 2023!

Discover the first names of W-festival 2023 and buy one of the last presale tickets !

W-festival 2023 will be the best edition ever. With 2 stages featuring the most popular rock, new wave and synthpop bands from the 80s !

Are you ready for the first names of 2023 ?

The main stage will feature NENA, BOW WOW WOW and MIDGE URE and on the Batcave Live stage none other than PROJECT PITCHFORK, MODERN ENGLISH, WHEN IN ROME and CORPUS DELICTI !

Are you a real fan ? Don’t worry, the schedule allows you to see all the bands !

And of course: between performances, our Djs in the Batcave will – nonstop – play the best new wave tunes!

So buy your tickets now at and enjoy the last PRESALE wave !

If you want a VIP ticket, don’t forget to book before 15/11 to enjoy our PRE SALE rate.

See you on 25-27 August in Ostend, Belgium!