Win a magnificent artwork by Judy Vanmeteren!


If you have a 5 day W-festival ticket or if you get your 5 day W-festival ticket in JUNE, you have the opportunity to win a magnificent piece of art, a genuine Judy Vanmeteren!  And you decide who Judy Vanmeteren needs to paint! No limits here, it will be your favorite artist on canvas. Yours to take home from W-festival!

So get your 5-day ticket in JUNE! No lottery will get you this close to winning such an amazing prize!

Participation is easy !

  • You are holder of a 5-day ticket for W-Festival 2022
  • Go to our Facebook page and look for the post about this win-action!

During the month of July, the winner of our favorite comment will be contacted personally by mail. Your unique painting will be ready for pick-up at the merchandise stand at W-Festival 2022!


Contemporary expressionist artist, Judy van Meteren from The Netherlands, specialized in the Figurative Dripping Art technique, creates paintings that almost seem to appear as moving pictures. Within Van Meteren’ vibrant figurative abstract paintings, her passion for art and life is key. The movement in her paintings reflects her joy and appreciation of how beautiful life is. Embrace it every day, be satisfied and grateful for the life you live. “Life is too short not to enjoy every day and touching hearts by creating art is the most satisfying feeling an artist can possibly have”.