XPropaganda replaces Christopher Cross at W-festival 2022

XPropaganda replaces Christopher Cross at W-festival 2022 to present, in avant premiere for Belgium, their brand new album ‘The Heart is Strange’.

We have to announce the cancellation of Christopher Cross who is unable to attend Wfest 2022 due a number of logistical issues. Christopher Cross will be replaced by xPropaganda (25/08). The iconic band will perform their brand new album and of course all of their classics of the ‘80s. Four decades after recording that legendary LP ‘A Secret Wish’, ex Propaganda members Claudia Brücken and Susanne Freytag alongside original producer Stephen Lipson, have reunited to form a new group ‘xPropaganda’ and to release a stunning new album, ‘The Heart Is Strange’. On august 25th the band will bring the new album in full as well as the much-loved Propaganda classics from their back catalogue. It promises to be a momentous festival-evening.

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