Terms & conditions


Every festival participant (hereafter “festivalgoer”) claims to have received and agreed with these terms and conditions – as well as the particular terms and conditions, mentioned on www.w-festival.com or www.sinnersday.com or www.wmdays.be before finalising the purchase of their ticket.


Only e-tickets with barcode purchased on www.w-festival.com or www.sinnersday.com or www.wmdays.be through Emisys, Early Bird tickets and partner tickets give acces to the festival.
The ticket (physical or e-ticket) gives in no circumstance access to a fixed/reserverd place at the festival.
The ticket (physical or e-ticket) has to be exchanged for a wristband at the festival entrance.
The ticket (physical or e-ticket) and the value on wristband will under no circumstances be replaced or refunded. The left-over value on the wristband can however be used at the following AND same festival as the original festival for which the wristband has been purchased.

All forgery of tickets (physical or e-ticket) or wristbands will be prosecuted.

This organisation is committed to alcohol and drug prevention. For this we rely on the advice of the Flemish Expertise Centre for Alcohol and other Drugs (VAD). At the main entrance of the festival a special “amnesty bin” is provided where you can voluntarily deposit your drugs, without further consequences.

Children are more than welcome at the festival. What’s more: they have free access up to the age of 12.

Each ticket has a unique barcode that is only valid once. A ticket only grants access to the person whose name is mentioned on the ticket. The person who made the purchase is responsible for the use of the ticket. Never buy a ticket from a stranger, the organisation does not provide any guarantee regarding the validity of the ticket in case of resale. Each ticket is subject to the general terms and conditions as stated on www.w-festival.com or www.sinnersday.com or www.wmdays.be. In case of violation of these conditions, the ticket will be declared invalid. The ticket is not refundable under any circumstances. The purchaser must always be able to present a valid ID on request. Each ticket is only valid for the event, date and time mentioned on the ticket. Wave To Synth declines all responsibility in case of loss, theft or abuse of a ticket. Only in case of cancellation or postponement of the event to which your ticket grants access, you can exchange your ticket for an equivalent ticket for an event organised by Wave To Synth. When an event is cancelled or postponed, the specific advantages and conditions of your ticket may vary. It is strictly forbidden to take pictures, to film or to make sound recordings during the performances with professional equipment.


  • all sorts of food
  • alcohol, plastic bottles (water, milk, …), glass bottles or any other glass recipient
  • metal cases (tin cans), cartons (tetra pak), metal cans, kegs, waterbags (CamelBak), coolers
  • spray cans
  • illicit substances. It is strictly forbidden to use or sell drugs at the festival. Every breach can lead to expulsion of the festival
  • weapons, sharp objects (even fake), pointy umbrellas
  • fireworks, bengal fire, barbecues, …
  • camping material (tents, heaters, …)
  • big bags and oversized backpacks
  • recording devices (except for smartphones), speakers, megaphones, selfie-sticks, laser pointers
  • markers, paint bombs
  • the distribution of flyers, folders, promotional posters (except with authorisation)
  • posters about cultural events can be hung ONLY on the designated gate racks
  • animals (except for guide dogs)
  • drones

Everything that is considered dangerous by the organisation.
(*) This list can be adapted or completed by the organisation at any time.
Every non-authorised vending is formally forbidden. All seized goods will be destroyed on the spot.


 No alcoholic beverages can be sold or offered to persons under 16.

 Drugs policy = zero tolerance. This organisation has a zero tolerance policy regarding drugs! It’s strictly forbidden to use or sell drugs on the festival grounds. Every violation can lead to expulsion of the festival.

 The dealing of drugs is forbidden and will lead to expulsion as well as police intervention.

 You have the possibility to deposit your drugs in recipients at the entrance of the festival, without any legal action.


For security reasons, the organisation can conduct a search at the festival entrance.
Every festivalgoer that does not comply with this formality will be denied access to the festival.
The festivalgoer follows indications of security personnel at all times.
If a festivalgoer observes suspicious behaviour, he is advised to inform security personnel at the festival.
The organisation has the right to deny access to the festival if certain behaviour is considered dangerous for the safety of the festival visitors.
The Red Cross is also present at the festival.

For the 2021 editions a valid Covid related QR code is necessary to be able to enter. The QR shows that you have been tested negative and/or have been vaccinated. You can get a QR via the COVIDSAFE.APP or via a document issued by the testing village at the front of the festival.


It is forbidden for the festival goer to sell anything.

The vending of food, drinks, souvenirs, T-shirts or other things is reserved to authorised vendors (physical or morally).


The organisation can in no case be held responsible – even in case of force majeure – for damage to goods or individuals.

The organisation can in no case be held responsible – even in case of force majeure – for the cancellation of the event, partly or in whole.

The organisation can in no case be required to offer an allowance or compensation of any kind to a festivalgoer or a third party.


By participating in the festival, the festivalgoer yields the image rights of images taken at the festival to the organisation. In case there are images taken of the festivalgoer at the festival, or the images are distributed on the festivals’ communication channels (print or digital), the festivalgoer abandons all recourses against the organisation.


If the organisation decides not to enforce one or more clauses of these terms and conditions, this can not be interpreted as a waiver of these terms.

In case of nullity of one or more clauses of these terms and conditions, other clauses will not be affected.


In case of dispute, only the courts of the district where W festival holds its registered office are qualified.

Only Belgian law is applicable.


WTS respects and follows the GDPR guidelines.

No data will be used for commercial purposes other than the communication on our events.

No data will be sold/rented to 3rd parties.