Do you have a question or problem?

send an e-mail to support@w-festival.com. Please note that support questions are not answered through messenger.

Will the festival provide a camping?

No, we don’t provide a camping. We do however mention several external accomodations on our website under ‘info’.

Is the festival accessible for the disabled?

Yes! Since 2021, the W-Festival has been working with Inter Flanders to make the festival accessible to everyone. We also proudly carry the label of accessible event. For more information, see Accessibility.

What are the payment options?

Payconiq, Bancontact, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, iDEAL and cash.

Is my ticket refundable?

No, tickets are not refundable. Please check our general rules & regulations for all information.

Are there lockers on the festival?

No, we have a luggage safe-guarding zone (€3 per day per bag)

Can I take my camera to the festival and use it?

Sure, as long as it isn’t a professional device.

How can I personalize my ticket and can I change it?

In our ticketshop you can log in at the top right. If you don’t know your password (anymore), you can click on forgotten password and you will receive a new password in your mailbox. Once you are logged in, you can go to your profile in the top right corner. In your profile you will find your tickets, where you can change the name of the ticket holder under the name of the ticket. You can change this at any time (again) in your account.

Do I get free entry back in after leaving the festival site?


Will reusable cups be used this year?

Yes. Each visitor will be asked to pay a contribution of €3 for his/her eco-cup. You can exchange your eco-cup at one of the exchange points at the festival for credit on your RFID wristband.

What if I still have money on my RFID wristband after the festival?

Please keep in mind that the remaining value on your RFID wristband is not refundable. You spend the remaining value at the end of the day in merchandising booth, buy bottles of soda to take home or save the remaining value for next year’s edition.

What does a beer cost?

The delicious, golden, Belgian beer we serve will cost you €3.

Will non-alcoholic drinks be available?

Absolutely! In addition to soft drinks, there are non-alcoholic wines & beers.

I’m vegan. Are vegan dishes served?

Of course! We provide a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Can I bring my seat?

That is indeed permitted. There will be seating areas with tables available on the premises, as well as separate platforms for the disabled.

On what ground does the festival go on?

Sand, with lots of wooden aisles and terraces.

Are my children admitted to the festival?

Of course, and up to the age of 12 totally free!

Can I take my dog to the festival?

Dogs are allowed on a leash. Please note that as soon as a complaint is received, the organisation must take immediate action.

What is the use of purchasing a food voucher in advance?

First, you save time at the cash registration, because your vouchers will be ready at the info box. Secondly, you get an extra budget on your purchase. In other words, you get more for your money.